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What job should you choose when you complete your Mechanical Engineering Graduate

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There are two main category will be placed in front of you to choose once you finish your Mechanical engineering course.

  1. Government Jobs
  2. Private Jobs

Government Jobs are considered as slow work, absurdly low pay and great benefits but on the other hand private jobs are fast paced, potentially high pay and low mediocre benefits. This is what people 

Government Jobs:

>> I would not say government is low pay, it starts low but scales to parity ( and beyond) very quickly. It takes a few years to get there, but the benefits are a huge invisible pay-jump as well.

>> Slow pace in work and lower stress which creates an interesting life outside of work. You can have a family and can spend more time with them.

>> Government sector is run by old, lazy people for the most part. Promotions are given based on experience and not necessarily merit – that’s why you’ll never see a young ambitious guy at the top. Preference will always be given to someone older with more experience who may not be the best person for the job.

>>  But if you’re young and ambitious and want to learn a lot, don’t do government. Save government work for when you’re old and want the benefits.

Private Jobs:

>> Not all private jobs provide worst benefits. In some specific private jobs come with much better benefits than you could imagine with government jobs, except for vacation.

>> Most of the private jobs are close  to home and will give you a taste. As a mech you may prefer to have jobs in your local area or local district which may give you a leverage to stay in your own place and have fun around.

>> If you are young stay with private jobs because it’s fast paced, pays well and might expose you to new technologies.