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Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed)

(B.P.Ed) Bachelor of Physical Education is an UG-Undergraduate degree course in India. This is an 3-year course which is common and it is widely chosen by 12th graduate students, who have interest in sports, fitness, and health of all people. Some colleges provides 1 year or 2 year course for this education. If you are an freak of fitness or have a mindset of living a healthy life without medicine and avoid disease in your life span and others, you will choose this bachelor education course.

Job Categories For B.P.Ed Students:

Teacher/ Instructor/ Coach
Umpire/ Referee
Sportsman/ Professional Athlete
Gym/ Personal Trainer
Sport/ Athletic Trainer
Sports Journalist
Sports Administrator
Sports Photojournalist
Yoga Trainer
Sport and Leisure Club Manager